Make accountability your competitive advantage.™ Sam Silverstein will challenge your audience to think differently in order to achieve different results. Sam brings a fresh outlook based on over 20 years of research and study in the field of accountability and organizational culture. Your audience will be moved, entertained, stretched and inspired when they hear Sam speak at your next event.

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Program Descriptions

no more excuses

No More Excuses®
Lead Your Culture or Someone Else Will

“You either have a culture by default or a culture by design. The great thing is that, as a leader, you get to choose which.” Sam Silverstein

As the Founder of The Accountability Movement™ and former Partner of manufacturing and distribution companies,  Sam Silverstein empowers bold leadership within your organization.

In this program, he shares several case studies about organizations that have defined their cultures to enable an environment of high performance, increased productivity, engaged employees and inspired accountability.

Sam reveals powerful truths that will position you to take the necessary steps to innovate your ideal culture. Attendees learn:

  • The importance of leveraging the immense power of values in a culture
  • How to connect everyone in your organization through your culture
  • Steps to take to establish your culture throughout your organization
  • The secret truth about what makes the most powerful cultures work
  • The one thing every leader must believe if they are going to effectively innovate their culture and drive accountability

Innovate your culture
Live your core values
Inspire accountability

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no more excuses

The Accountable Leader’s Guide to Change
Driving Change Through Enhanced Leadership

The ability to initiate change in an organization rises and falls on leadership. Change looks different when viewed through the lens of accountability. The Accountable Leader doesn’t focus on changing what people do. They focus on changing the way their people think.

Former Partner of manufacturing and distribution companies and Founder of The Accountability Movement™, Sam Silverstein creates a culture that inspires the act of change.

This program focuses on the way a leader needs to think in order to inspire an environment where change is encouraged and embraced. Sam will share the critical thought processes necessary for leaders to drive change including:

  • What makes an Accountable Leader
  • Understanding the “Terms of Change”
  • The Change Categories all people fall into and how to communicate with each person successfully
  • How to empower your team so that they drive change for you
  • The one thing every leader must believe if they are going to effectively create an organization that thrives with change
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a lesson in accountability

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